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Get Delicious Coffee, Tea and Hot Drinks with a Hot Beverage System from Tassimo. Find Tassimo Coffee Makers, T Discs, Coffee and Supplies Online.

TASSIMO is a one-cup, on-demand machine that creates an assortment of authentic coffeehouse style beverages including coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso, latte, hot chocolate and more conveniently at home. Some of these beverages use a milk-based creamer and many are ready in about a minute. The TASSIMO Home Brewing System works exclusively with TASSIMO T DISCs.

You wouldn’t expect it, but the secret to the perfect cup is a barcode. Here’s how. Every beverage made by your TASSIMO brewer has its own single serve T DISC, which carries not only the perfect ingredients but also the perfect instructions. Your brewer reads a special barcode on each T DISC and immediately knows what to do: the right temperature, the right amount of water, and the right brew time. And that goes for a long list of beverages, from coffees, cappuccinos and lattes to iced coffees and mochas. The only brewer with the barcode is TASSIMO.

Your TASSIMO Coffee Maker and Beverage Brewer blends the simplicity of concept with technology to brew a delicious, single cup of coffee whenever you want it. The foundation of the TASSIMO System is its pre-portioned servings, or T DISCs, which are used to brew the desired coffee or beverage.

The Bosch TASSIMO family of brewers is designed to continually produce tempting hot and cold beverages, but occasional service may be required. Among the tasks normally required is the general cleaning of the brewer as well as occasional descaling which should be performed when suggested by the automatic sensor.

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