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Find deals on used and refurbished cell phones at Mobile Karma. No contact required on cheap cellular phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. offers a huge selection of brands such as Apple, BlackBerry, Casio, HTC, HP, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony Ericsson. We also feature carriers such as: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, and prepaid plans. Our products include unlocked and no contract used cell phones as well. We’re part of ReCellular a name you can trust to bring you quality, selection, and savings on used cell phones and devices.

Mobile Karma is the preeminent seller of used and new cellular phones, netbooks and laptops. By offering used phones, netbooks, and laptops we are encouraging the reuse of fully functional electronic devices and supporting a more sustainable form of corporate and customer conduct. We also take great care and give utmost attention to our products and customer service, so that when the time is right for you to buy a phone, netbook, and/or laptop we’re ready to help!

We are also a seller committed to sustainable conduct. By offering certified pre-owned phones, netbooks, and laptops we are enabling the further use of mobile devices and preventing the otherwise discarding of these electronic devices to landfills.

ReCellular, Inc. is the world’s leading electronics sustainability firm. We innovate and manage solutions for the collection, reuse and recycling of used mobile phones and personal electronics that generate financial return for our partners, quality products for our customers, funding for charity organizations, and protection of the environment.

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